To begin, go to the YouTube Studio's customization page. That's where you may customize your channel's design, basic information, and marketing.

  • To get to the URL page, follow these simple steps:
  • Click your account symbol on your channel's dashboard and then choose YouTube Studio again from drop-down options.
  • In the left sidebar, select Settings.
  • Click the Basic Info tab on the next page. Follow the link until the Channel URL header appears.

You'll see two custom URL possibilities at this time. The first is a default URL that nearly matches the name of your channel. Of course, claiming this URL isn't always viable. Your channel name may be the same as someone else's, indicating that the URL you desire has already been claimed.

Use the other URL choice if this is the case. This will allow you to create a unique URL for your station, as illustrated below:

Click Export when you're complete to save your edits and verify control of the URL.

 How to Remove a Custom YouTube URL

  • Don't stress if you mess up when choosing your own URL. It may always be removed in four simple steps:
  • Ensure the Basic Info tab is chosen on the YouTube customizing page.
  • Read down until the Custom URL box appears. Next below the search box containing your actual URL, click Delete.
  • The About Me screen on your Google account will be the next element you see. Click the icon next to your previous URL in the below area.
  • On the next page, select Remove and build a new URL as described in the previous section.

To be clear, applying various a URL does not take the place of the irregular URL you've used previously. Your channel ID is a username that will always be associated with your account. Setting up a custom URL just prevents it from appearing in the web address of your channel.

Also, you could see /c/ in your URL now and then, but don't be concerned. When discussing it online, you don't have to use that in your address. Simply type Youtube into your browser!