1.  YouTube Click-Through Rate
The number of individuals that click on a video seen the thumbnail is known as the click-through rate (CTR).

A CTR of 5% means that 10,000 people see a video thumbnail but only 500 user click on it. To put it another way, 5% of those who watched the thumbnail decided to watch the video.

CTR may be calculated using a simple formula: number of clicks / number of impressions x 100 Equals CTR.
However, you'll never have to compute it. The channel dashboard on YouTube displays your CTR over time. To see your channel's CTR, click to YouTube Studio > Analytics > Reach.
.While there are so many other things to consider, why will you be concerned about click-through rates? It's the only YouTube measure that allows for channel expansion. Before awarding his clip some Watch Time, a like, or a post, people must first click on a thumbnail. Furthermore, viewers are more likely to subscribe after seeing good videos.
2. YouTube Audience retention
Do you want to expand your YouTube channel more quickly? Examine the audience retention rates for particular videos.
Keep an eye on the average proportion viewed (APV), which indicates how much of the video viewers watched.
For example, here's a screenshot of our 10-minute video's audience retention. As you can see, the majority of individuals only watched 33% of it.
YouTube suggests videos to users based on parameters like APV and Watch Time. Increase yours by at least 50% to increase the number of views.
3. Traffic from Recommended YouTube Videos
YouTube ratings are a significant source of traffic. As previously said, having YouTube suggest your material to visitors is quite beneficial. You do not need to do anything because the system takes care of everything.
YouTube, by the way, displays a list of web traffic for each video. Simply go to YouTube Studio > Content > Analytics > Overview and select a video to study. Then follow the link to see where that particular video's traffic is coming from.
Keep an eye on this social channel to discover which videos earn the most recommendations, and then create comparable content for your target demographic.
4. Subscribers Gained from Each YouTube Video
Subscription numbers isn't a helpful YouTube statistic because of its flashy, self-methods. It has no effect on your views, and it has no bearing on the YouTube algorithm. Making good videos is the only way to obtain more views.
That's why you should look for videos that bring in subscribers, not to keep track of the total number, but to figure out what's driving your audience to grow. You get only this YouTube subscriber analysis.
Now go to YouTube Studio > Content > Analytics > Overview and select a video to study. After watching a clip, you'll see a panel that shows how many people subscribed.
5. YouTube Engagement (Comments, Likes, Video Shares
Other YouTube channel stats, such as likes, reviews, and video shares, aren't as popular. Many producers believe that video views are the most important factor to consider, and they may be correct.
However, we cannot overlook the minor details. On YouTube, the majority of viewers are inert, so persuading them to do anything is a triumph: liking, sharing, or entering a remark. It's a win just to get them to click on an end screen or information card.
6. New vs. Returning Viewers
Are you fascinated with account views on YouTube? Don't limited yourselves to only analyzing video views.
You need to know about the new versus returning visitors number on YouTube if you want to expand your channel.
Go to YouTube > Content (choose a video to study) > Analytics > Audience to see new against repeat viewers for any video.
Every Creator Needs These YouTube Analytics Tools
Some tools to check your record are.
YouTube stat tracker
A live statistics bar that allows you to view certain statistics while having to launch the YouTube Studio. See how many times a video has been viewed in the previous 60 minutes, 48 hours, or seven days – or check out the YouTube Watch Using on for profitability.
YouTube channel analyzer:
Too tired to conduct a channel review? This program does the legwork for you, recognizing your finest content and making recommendations for channel enhancements.
YouTube stats extension: 
Want to integrate a YouTube marketing tool into your channel?
It can be difficult to conduct a YouTube analysis of all of your content. That's why you'll need these strong metrics to cut through the nonsense and discover practical methods to improve your films.